This Is Your Story

Ever since you started to think about marrying your partner you knew that everything about the day you finally committed your lives to each other had to be perfect. Not that any one day—even your wedding day—was so important, but because it marked that true beginning of a lifetime together. That’s why you’ve spent so much time and energy on every detail. That’s what made you tough it out when finding all those perfect little extras for the ceremony was so hard. When the perfect outfit seemed so elusive. When the guest list seemed impossible to pare down.

You did it all for the memories you would carry forward for the rest of your days together.

And as your first beautiful, challenging, joyous year together draws to a close with the anniversary of your special day, one final detail you so carefully planned is central to your night’s plans. Everything is perfectly laid out: dinner at the restaurant where he proposed; followed by a drink at the bar where your friends set you up; then home for chocolate strawberry fondue, champagne, and your private screening for two of your very own wedding film—in Hollywood feature style.

At the end of your first year, giddy from your incredible evening, you take that last pre-sleep trip down memory lane to bask in the joy and laughter awoken by the very personal story captured in the film.

The Decision is Simple

There are many challenges to crafting the most perfect wedding day, but the choice to go with Expressions Cinema for your wedding cinematography needs isn’t a difficult one. No other company offers the same end result. Nobody else will hand shoot and edit your story with the attention to detail and skill inherent in an Expressions Cinema wedding film.

Heirloom Quality

Your digital wedding film will be something you will be able to show off to your family and friends, as well as your children and grandchildren. It is a piece of history which your family can keep forever. With the advent of digital archiving you’ll never have to worry about what media your video is stored on. Instead, you can relax knowing that as your years together go by your special day will look exactly the same as it was when we captured it for you—for generations to come.

Our Team

Brian Berkowitz Brian Berkowitz

A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Brian obtained his BFA studying in SVA’s prestigious film department. Brian has successfully leveraged his cinematic education in conjunction with his training as a photographer for over a decade in the wedding industry.

Jason Aron Jason Aron

With a master’s degree from New York University, Jason’s educational background emphasized business and marketing. For the past decade Jason has carried out video production duties for an array of clients which include Fortune 100 and 500 companies, celebrities, and major international academic institutions.

Expressions Cinema

The fundamental mission of Expressions Cinema is simple: to ensure that we craft a cinematic heirloom which truly reflects the unique character of your wedding day.

We do that by combining elements which are all too uncommon in the wedding industry: film-grade equipment, cinematography worthy of Hollywood, and world-class editing. We take elements used in the creation of commercials, documentaries, music videos, and Hollywood movies and use them to shape the raw moments of your day into a glorious, high definition masterpiece which will move you time and again.

The end result is something we work hard to ensure not only lives up to your expectations of quality, but actually exceeds them. We don’t just record your date and hand over barely-edited footage of what happened. At Expressions Cinema we capture the essence of your wedding. We carefully select only the best, most moving moments and edit them in a meaningful way.

That means no three-plus hour long epics with extended closeups of crying relative after crying relative. This is not your parents’ wedding video. We distill the day into interesting moments, avoiding the boredom of those tired, old-fashioned wedding videos, and provide you with something you and your loved ones will be be happy to watch time and again.

Modern. Compelling. Unique. True.

Your wedding filmed the way you deserve to remember it for the rest of your life.

That’s what we do. That’s what makes us who we are. That’s what makes us Expressions Cinema.