Melissa + Ari are dear friends of ours and it was an honor to shoot their wedding at The Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst, NY.

The day started at a local park in Valley Stream for the Bride & Groom First look and many of the bride and groom portraits which was a huge success. The lighting was amazing and the weather could not have been nicer for this Cinco de Mayo celebration. [+]

In early May we got to shoot the wedding of Susie and Saul in Brooklyn. We met Susie back in November at a Wedding Salon bridal show and we have been really excited about their wedding every since. [+]

In June we are covering Tobey and Nachi’s wedding at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. Since the weather has been so nice lately, we decided to shoot an engagement session with them last week. Tobey is a graduate of Columbia University and since the architecture there is beautiful, we decided to shoot there. [+]

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of shooting engagement photos for Melissa + Ari. Ari is a huge train buff so Grand Central Terminal in NYC was an easy decision for our first location. We also made it to Central Park, one of our favorite destinations to shoot engagement pictures. [+]

We have teamed up with PASS and are now offering their galleries to any of our event that include photography. We believe that PASS is the future of event photography and here are some of the greatest features: [+]

In our ongoing attempt to always be on top of the cutting edge technology thats is out there, we are now offering our finished films on Custom USB Flash Drives. These flash drives would accompany your Blu-Rays and serve many purposes.

First off, one of the greatest features of having you film on a flash drives is that you now have the ability to have your film backed up forever in multiple location. [+]

In our latest Wedding Wednesday blog post we spoke about the importance of having a sound company there for your band so we figured what better vendor spotlight this week than a sound company. One of the best sound companies we work with is SC Custom Audio. We have worked dozens of weddings with SC Custom Audio and they are top-notch and one of the best in the business. [+]

Last week we had the privilege of documenting the Alan T Brown Family Fun Day again. This was our third year covering the event and it keeps growing every year. The event was held at the 69th Regiment Armory in midtown Manhattan. The Alan T Brown Foundation does some great work with research for spinal cord injury. [+]

If you’re having a DJ at your wedding chances are they’re coming equipped with some of the latest sound gear and this post doesn’t apply too much to you. However, many of you folks out there will be having a great wedding band play your event. While the drummer, keyboard player and total pieces are something to debate heavily, the most important decision you can make is whether or not to hire the optional sound company that almost every band offers. Any time you’ve been to a concert in a large venue you will notice all the music comes out of speakers as every instrument is miced up and EQed and properly mixed. [+]

We just finished creating the Movie Poster for the Wedding Film for Dvora + Barak. Their film came out great and once we printed this 24X36″ poster, it looks fantastic.

Wedding Movie Poster

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