We have been very fortunate in 2011 and have had the chance to work with clients from many different backgrounds with various financial situations. One of the most common misconceptions we run into generally sounds like this – “You guys do that high end video, that’s way out of our budget”.

While we may fall out of budget for some people, 49 out of 50 times the issue is not our cost, but properly budgeting and prioritizing how funds are spent for your special day. For example, your guests will enjoy that Sushi bar and pasta station, but is it really worth an extra $1000? Do you really need to spend an extra $800 on a percussionist?

All of those extras can all be justified, but remember when your wedding is over and you’re looking back on your special day, all you will have left is your pictures and video – that’s it. So for something so important, why is this the area people choose to cut costs, it doesn’t make much sense.

We know our product is a little different, but we have had excellent feedback and hear more often that we are too expensive, rather than people don’t like our style. The typical photo and video budget should be roughly between 10 – 20% of the wedding budget. That means at a $50,000 wedding you should spend $5,000-$10,000 on photo and video. Our TOP package comes in below that cost. For many looking at these figures a light bulb should have just turned on. I didn’t make up the percentages, they are well documented.

Our best advice – shop around. Find the studio you feel most comfortable with, but don’t make your photography and videography an afterthought. The pros that shoot your wedding will be the only creating the lasting images of a lifetime.