If you have been invited to a wedding recently, you might have noticed that the videographer was shooting the video with a DSLR camera, the same type of camera the photographer is using. Yes, he was indeed shooting video. DSLR video is slowly becoming the industry standard for not only wedding and events, but bigger Hollywood productions as well.

So what are the advantages to shooting video on a DSLR. First off, image quality. The sensors on the DSLR’s are much bigger than those of the traditional video cameras, allowing for greater image quality, even at HD settings. Additionally, with DSLR, you get an image quality that more closely mimics the film look of old. With the ability to use interchangeable lenses, the composition options are increased significantly. Also, the depth of field you get from using these DSLR lenses doesn’t compare to those traditional video cameras, which severely lack depth of field. Lighting is also a big issue. The DSLR cameras are a lot more sensitive to light, meaning their is a limited need to bring big external lights and light up the room. On any typical event, we can usually shoot without any additional lights.

Take a look at some of our recent videos. The quality alone will convince you that looking for a videographer shooting DSLR is the way to go, and when adding the arsenal of stabilization equipment we use, you will get a video that can compete with any Hollywood production!