This post probably has less to do with filmmaking and more to do with the inner tech-geek within us all. Here at Expressions we go through hard drives like air. We often get asked how much space the weddings and other events we shoot take up on our hard drives. The answer is anywhere from approximately 110GB – 250GB of raw video files. Commercially, 2TB drives are the most cost effective solution, which means that after music and render files we can’t fit more than 8 events or so on a drive.

Here was the random thought I came up with today… How many gigabytes of data do we hold in our mind? A wedding is a 6 – 12 hour event (for us at least). The mind of the camera needs an 1/8th of a hard drive to store all that data in HD. But we see in a much greater field of view than a camera lens. We go through our days going from place to place, and while we may forget many if not most of our interactions, how many of life’s moments can we recall in great data – in full HD, 2K, or dare I say beautiful RED RAW 4k.

The point is while we view our computers as great powerful machines, when you put things into perspective, the human mind is a far more powerful tool than any hard drive money can be. Feel free to ponder 🙂