Who Do I Choose?

First of all, we’re gonna be getting SERIOUS with our blog posting. No promises but start to look for 8 – 10 posts from us a month. We love our clients and followers and appreciate all the love you give our films so we’re going to try and connect with you as often as we can. Every Wednesday we’re going to have a series on wedding planning tips. As this is the first post, it’s going to be kind of generic, but incredibly important.

You’ve just gotten engaged – congratulations!! You just made the most important decision about your wedding and your life – who you’re going to marry. Now let’s get in to all the fun stuff.


There isn’t much you can do without a date. It will be the first question every vendor asks you, and their availability will be dictated by your date. So have a few dates in mind before you move on to the next step.


A real estate agents favorite word. The venue is the most important vendor for your wedding day. It’s the place everyone will travel to, it will create all the day’s logistics, and all your pictures and video will have your venue as its backdrop. The reason we wrote to have a few dates above is because if your favorite venue is not available on your number one choice of date you have a big decision to make – Do you pick another date, or another venue? In New Jersey we love The Venetian in Garfield, NJ. In Manhattan there are several hotels we like working at that photograph beautifully like The Pierre Hotel, and on Long Island we often frequent Crest Hollow Country Club and The Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst, NY.


Band, DJ or both? That’s the first question you have to answer. What suits your style and budget? On average a band will cost more than a DJ, but many DJ companies today are entertainment companies, and offer things from photo booths to huge lighting packages and more. Check out our friends at SCE Event Group to get an idea of what they offer and can do for you.


I guess that’s us. While it may be a biased opinion, all of your wedding day memories will be captured by the photo and video crews. We’re pretty important. Also, just like entertainment, availability becomes an issue. You will want to ensure your choice of vendor is available on your special day. I know of plenty of industry friends that have had brides literally change their wedding day because the photographer they HAD TO HAVE was only available on a certain date.


You may have already taken care of this with location as many halls have in-house caterers. However, some venues allow or force you to bring your own. Now is a great time to find one. We have lots of recommendations in terms of our favorites, as we do get a chance to eat at most of our parties 🙂 Let us know if you want some suggestions!


Most florists will offer the same product as their competitors. We find the best thing to do is shop for someone you will have a good relationship with and of course price. Check out our friend Adam at Petals Premier Event Design for some inspiration.


We know its important and may not belong all the way down here, however, its one of those decisions that the groom wont be needed for. Be sure to leave enough time for fittings before your big day and go nuts!


There are many other things you will need for your wedding, like invitations, thank you cards, bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos for the groomsmen, giveaways, a limo for the big night, and more. But this is a great place to start. We’re going to be making a new bridal checklist magnet for your wedding night coming really soon too.