Every year, we have the privilege pf photographing the Annual Dinner for Ohr Torah Stone at The Essex House in midtown Manhattan.   This year was extra special because the honoree was Rabbi Riskin himself, founder of Ohr Torah Stone.  He was honored not only in celebration of his birthday, but for all the work he has done since OTS’s inception.  Here’s a little bit about the organization:

Over two decades ago,  Rabbi Shlomo Riskin dreamt of inspiring a new movement of Jewish leadership which would successfully synthesize Halachic commitment with the needs of contemporary Western life, and work toward the unification of the Jewish world by promoting a Judaism based on tolerance, openness and inclusion. In 1983, Rabbi Riskin embarked upon the process of realizing his vision with the founding of Ohr Torah Stone Colleges and Graduate Programs.

OTS has now grown into an all-encompassing network, enlightening and motivating nearly 3,000 men and women from junior high to graduate school, from all religious backgrounds, hailing from every country. Hundreds of OTS graduates are serving as dynamic, compassionate and engaging educators, spiritual guides and lay leaders in Israel and in countries across the globe. Wherever they go, they bring with them the message of an accessible and relevant Judaism based upon the understanding and acceptance of the unaffiliated or disenfranchised; the bridging of gaps; the pursuit of social justice; the quest for unity and the concern for every human being.

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Check out some images from this years dinner!!!