A save the date film is a great , modern when to let your guest know to save your wedding date! So what is a save the date film?

Just like, as a Bride & Groom, you would go out with a photographer to shoot an engagement photo sessions, a Save The Date Film is quite similar. For a Save the Date Film, we would go out to several different location and shoot tons of footage of both of you. Everything is very candid and it is as if we are just following you on your typical day around town. After all the shooting is complete, we cut together a nice 3-5 minute highlight reel of the shoot. Not only do we post this online for you to send to all of your family and friends, but we can even have custom DVD’s printed up for you, and you can ship them to all your guests. Typically, at the end of the film, it will have the signature “Save The Date” text. Your guests will love it, and it’s a great modern approach to a classic tradition.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a great “Save The Date” film, or contact us for more information on a Save The Date Film.