Recently, we started adding a sound engineer to all of our weddings we shoot. When we tell our clients about this, the first question in inevitably: “Is that necessary”?, or “Isn’t that overkill”?, and “Is it cheaper if I don’t get the sound engineer”? Simply put – it is necessary, it’s not overkill, and it’s not cheaper without one, because we include it in our price.

We approach weddings differently than many other wedding studios. We are cinematographers and not simply videographers. Our goal when producing your wedding film is the same approach we would take when producing a short film or even feature length film. The only difference is there is no script and no actors – it’s you that creates the action. We shoot in a way where we can tell your story cinematically, emulating the feeling and emotions of the day, on film. Just like when shooting a narrative film, our goal is to be able to portray the feelings and emotions the actors are feeling when they are “in” their scene.

Last time we checked, no one ever told the producer on a film, I think the sound engineer is overkill. The producer never tried to convince the studio that the sound engineer is not necessary to save a couple of bucks. The sound engineer is as essential to your wedding as it is to producing a Hollywood film.

Some of the most emotional parts of the day happen when the bride and groom are talking to each other, or the officiant is giving the bride and groom his or her sincerest blessings. When the bride and groom see each other for the first time, that is probably the most emotional part of the day both visually and from an auditory perspective. Isn’t that a must-have for your film? Yes, some of that audio can be captured by the camera’s on-board mic’s, but how much better will your final wedding film look and sound when you have the highest quality audio possible for these special moments.

Many studio’s will try to upsell you on importance of a sound engineer for your wedding. We don’t disagree with them. Where we do disagree, is when they tell you your package doesn’t come with one, but for $XX, you can have one to make your film better. But as a filmmaker and studio owner, isn’t it our promise to offer you the best quality product right out of the gate. We offer a sound engineer on every single one of our weddings. We don’t charge any extra for it and realize that a sound engineer can single-handedly be the biggest difference between a wedding film with a high production value and a wedding film with no production value.

So in short, before you walk down that aisle, make sure the guys you have to produce your wedding film are capable of capturing not only what is seen, but also what can be heard!!