One of the most frequent questions we get asked by out clients our what the difference is between the Coming Soon Trailer and the Highlight Reel. We decided it would be best to give you the explanation here on our blog, since they each have their own added benefits, and you could decided which one, if not both, suits you best.

Coming Soon Trailer:

Our Coming Soon Trailer is typically a 1-2 minute, edited piece designed to give you a little tease of what is to come on your Feature Film. The biggest advantage to the Coming Soon Trailer is that it is delivered within about a week of your event. The trailer might several snippets from different parts of the day, without revealing too much of what will be delivered in the Feature Film. It is edited as a typical “Hollywood” coming soon trailer and the concept behind it is it’s designed to “leave you wanting more”.

Highlight Reel:

The Highlight Reel is just that: a Highlight Reel. The concept of the Highlight Reel is that it is a shortened version of your Feature Film. Your Highlight Reel is a general recap of all the important highlights of the day. It is edited in the same cinematic style as your feature film. Also, the best part of the Highlight Reel is that it is great to carry on your smartphone or iPad to show off your wedding video. While your friends and family might not want to sit through your entire feature, no one will say no to a short Highlight Reel!

So whether one or both are best suited for you, having one of these add-ons gives you many options when putting together your cinematography package.