In our latest Wedding Wednesday blog post we spoke about the importance of having a sound company there for your band so we figured what better vendor spotlight this week than a sound company. One of the best sound companies we work with is SC Custom Audio. We have worked dozens of weddings with SC Custom Audio and they are top-notch and one of the best in the business.

Shy Clyman, owner and chief engineer, has some of the top audio gear in the business. Fully devoted to making sure the band at your wedding sounds its best, you may often find Shy in the middle of the room, mixing and EQing from his iPad, to make sure everything sounds great, right from where your guests are dancing. His attention to detail, ensures you will get the best possible mix. At SC Custom Audio, they are devoted to making sure they have the latest equipment with the most modern technology.

Besides making your band sound incredible, another service provided by SC Custom Audio is providing you with a digital file with all the music from the party. This is great to throw on an iPod or anywhere else you might want, so you can listen to all the music anytime in the future.

Now onto selfish reasons for why we love SC Custom Audio! They give us some of the best audio feeds out of all the sound companies! It is just as important for the audio in your wedding film to be just as good as the sound you hear at your party. Every time we work with Shy and SC Custom Audio, we are confident that the audio for the film will be the best it can be!

If your making a wedding soon, be sure to tell your band you want Shy!