Well, I wouldn’t dare mess with buying a dress, but men’s clothes I know. You are probably wondering why this article didn’t start with buy vs rent. Inevitably you will have to wear a tux a number of times in your life. Your cousin Joe’s wedding, a fancy dinner or two, etc. The downside of buying is that for the same $150 rental fee you can buy a tux, however the quality of the rented one will actually be better. And since it is your wedding day you want to look your best. Here are a few good reasons to buy a tux, and where to start.

  • You can buy a good tuxedo for $300. Is it a Versace or Prada top of the line deal, no. But with a rental costing $150 it makes financial sense – even if you only wear once more in your life.
  • So long as you don’t gain too much marriage weight, this is a purchase that can last you much of your entire life. Because of the lack of frequency that you will wear this item good care will make it last forever. If it’s going to last forever why not spend $500-$600 on it. With the cost of a wedding, its seems like a small price to pay.
  • Use this as an opportunity to start building a fine wardrobe. Why not visit our friends at Imparali Custom Tailors. They make amazing clothes and even if you just get a shirt from them for your wedding, it will give you a polished look at a reasonable cost.

Where to buy

If you do not want to go the custom route, start at your local mall and visit the large shops – Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. Get a feel for styles and whats out there. If you can afford what you see, great. If not try out some of the smaller retailers or look for deals online. At least you will know what style you like. Keep it classic though – that eight button tux won’t be in style in 5 years let alone 50, I promise. You can also visit wedding blogs and look at pictures of grooms. See what they’re wearing. Many wedding blogs will tell you where to buy the stuff you see, so it will be a great launching point.

Either way, make sure you look great!