Perhaps the most important wedding decision you will make is where your wedding will be. After all, this is where all the pictures will be, the food, band, video, everything will be dictated by the venue selection. There are a few key factors you should think about and in no particular order, here they are.

  • Where are your guests coming from? If you and your fiancé are from the same geographic area, and you are NOT having a destination wedding, try and have your wedding locally. Why make all of your guests travel a long way to get to your wedding.
  • How does it photograph? This is obviously something we are every cognizant of. Ask your photographer if they have ever shot at the hall before and if you can see pictures from there. This will give you a great sample of what your pictures will probably look like, and let you know if this hall is the right choice.
  • When are you getting married? If your wedding is in January in Rhode Island, its pretty unimportant that the hall has a great outdoor pool area. You probably wont get much use out of it. If you are getting married in the summer and have a choice between a hall with gorgeous gardens and a catering hall situated on a highway, again – easy choice.
  • The FOOOODDDDD – This is important. Do you love the food there? Can you bring in an outside caterer? How important is this at all. Personally, I would rather have my wedding at a nice hall that has ok food, then a sub-par hall, with really good steak. You probably will never taste the steak and at your tenth wedding anniversary as you flip through your wedding album, your maid of honor probably wont be reminiscing about the bean soup – it just doesn’t matter that much.
  • The Management – This probably goes overlooked more than it should. Your wedding is a hectic sequence of events and the staff at the venue better be able to handle it. Some places will make you feel incredibly comfortable at your wedding and that becomes in invaluable experience. When things run smoothly it makes for a great party.

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