This is a topic that we have touched on in the past but in certainly bears repeating. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you will most likely have two memories from it – Your photo album and your video. Wedding pictures are important. We get that. But far too often we see couples book a wedding video without giving much thought to it. Part of the reasoning is the history of wedding videos.

For just about 40 years all wedding videos have been the same. A camera operator, or sometimes two, standing with a gigantic shoulder mounted camera and standing on the periphery capturing your wedding using terrible lighting techniques and not too much creativity. The old joke is with a two camera crew, your 6 hour wedding returns 12 hours of footage to you. Good luck watching that.

What we offer is a wedding film. We consider ourselves documentary style film makers. We stay out of the way, and let your wedding happen, however, using the latest techniques and gear in film making we capture your wedding using unique camera angles and equipment. We give your special day the look and feel of a Hollywood film and when it comes time to edit your film we approach it the same way. Our wedding films range in time anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes. We aren’t taking out any important parts but when you break down the day, that is more than enough time to capture all of the goodies and make it fun for you to watch over and over.

What we can’t ignore and you shouldn’t either is the price difference. This is an incredibly labor intensive product. Our editors spend well over 20 hours on each film. Cinema style work also requires purchase of the additional gear we need to capture your event. While the industry trend is higher quality smaller cameras, on any given event we have well over $10,000 in lenses alone. Not to mention our Steadicam rigs, sliders, dollies, camera bodies, cranes, audio gear and more. To give you an idea, when we shoot a scripted piece for an NFL player charity, we generally use the same amount if not less equipment.

What you need to decide is what is important to you? If you enjoy cinema style wedding films (and we hope you do) it is something you can afford, just see an article we wrote back in 2011 – High End Wedding Films, and we’ll see you on your special day.