In our ongoing attempt to always be on top of the cutting edge technology thats is out there, we are now offering our finished films on Custom USB Flash Drives. These flash drives would accompany your Blu-Rays and serve many purposes.

First off, one of the greatest features of having you film on a flash drives is that you now have the ability to have your film backed up forever in multiple location. Players break, discs get scratched but if you have the digital file of your film, you can easily back it up to multiple locations in minutes.

Another great feature of getting your film on a flash drive is it’s portability. With the High-Definition digital file, you have the ability of easily transferring your film to your smartphone, tablet or laptop so you always have it on the go. There’s no better way to show off your film “on demand!”

We are not only putting the final feature on the flash drives though. Whether you received a Coming Soon Trailer, Highlight Film or even your Cleaned-Up Edits, we will put a high-definition version on the flash drive for you to enjoy.

All of our Custom Flash Drives come with a unique carrying case, designed to your personality, so contact us today to get your film and your personalized flash drive.