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In June we are covering Tobey and Nachi’s wedding at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. Since the weather has been so nice lately, we decided to shoot an engagement session with them last week. Tobey is a graduate of Columbia University and since the architecture there is beautiful, we decided to shoot there. [+]

This past week, we got to shoot Jenna and Rafi’s engagement session. It was a pretty cold morning but they stuck it out. After 3 cancelled shoots due to rain, we were going to get this shoot done despite the weather. We went to several different locations in the city including Central Park and Columbus Circle. Jenna and Rafi gutted it out in the 30 degree weather by even taking off their coats from some shots. And it paid off!! [+]

We had a great time with Jackie & Brian shooting this engagement video. They are getting married at the end of October and wanted to do this video while we still had some nice weather. Although it was in the 90’s that day, it was well worth it and they were awesome to work with.


A save the date film is a great , modern when to let your guest know to save your wedding date! So what is a save the date film?

Just like, as a Bride & Groom, you would go out with a photographer to shoot an engagement photo sessions, a Save The Date Film is quite similar. For a Save the Date Film, we would go out to several different location and shoot tons of footage of both of you. Everything is very candid and it is as if we are just following you on your typical day around town. After all the shooting is complete, we cut together a nice 3-5 minute highlight reel of the shoot. [+]

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