Wedding video

Last month, Michele and Shamus invited us to share and record their wedding day for them. This was a match from the start with both Michele and Shamus being musicians and Michele’s mother being a video editor. [+]

Recently, we started adding a sound engineer to all of our weddings we shoot. When we tell our clients about this, the first question in inevitably: “Is that necessary”?, or “Isn’t that overkill”?, and “Is it cheaper if I don’t get the sound engineer”? Simply put – it is necessary, it’s not overkill, and it’s not cheaper without one, because we include it in our price. [+]

We have been very fortunate in 2011 and have had the chance to work with clients from many different backgrounds with various financial situations. One of the most common misconceptions we run into generally sounds like this – “You guys do that high end video, that’s way out of our budget”.

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