If you’re having a DJ at your wedding chances are they’re coming equipped with some of the latest sound gear and this post doesn’t apply too much to you. However, many of you folks out there will be having a great wedding band play your event. While the drummer, keyboard player and total pieces are something to debate heavily, the most important decision you can make is whether or not to hire the optional sound company that almost every band offers. Any time you’ve been to a concert in a large venue you will notice all the music comes out of speakers as every instrument is miced up and EQed and properly mixed.

Many bands by default do not offer this type of service at a wedding. Often times you will be told, its not necessary. The room is “small” enough so the sound will carry. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The engineer is not there to make it louder, rather he or she offers two key functions:

1. To make the sound even and properly EQed. The sound coming from amps and ambient drums doesn’t mix perfectly unless its coming from a single source and balanced throughout the room.
2. This is where we come in – If your band is fully mixed, we can take what is called a feed off of the mixing board. What this means is the sound quality of your band will sound like a studio recorded album on your final film. Without a full mix, theres no way we can replicate this quality of sound.

If you’re debating getting an extra horn player or the sound guy, get the sound guy. I promise. Trust me. You’ll thank us later, and be glad you did!